Ministry of Planning and Finance
Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar

History, Policy, Objective, Responsibilities, Reforms


1. The Securities Exchange Law (20/2013) was enacted on 31 July 2013, to establish a systematic Capital market in Myanmar, to protect investor through rules and Laws and to regulate market participants such as Public Companies, Securities companies and Stock Exchange.

2. According to Chapter 3, Article 4 of this Law, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (SECM) was formed with Notification No. (64/2014) dated 19-8-2014 issued by the Union Government. The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance is chairman of SECM which has seven members. According to that notification, the Chairman and Members of SECM are as follow:

(a) -U MaungMaungThein (Chairman)
(b) -Daw Tin Kyi U (Commission Member)
(c) -U Htay Chun (Commission Member)
(d) -DawKhin Lay Myint (Commission Member)
(e) -Tin HlaKyi (Commission Member)
(f) -DawTinMayOo(CommissionMember)
(g) -Director General of SECM (Secretary)( not yet appointed)

3. U Maung Maung Win, Deputy Minister was appointed as chairman of SECM with the notification(42/2016) dated 7 June 2016, by the Union government after Dr. Maung Maung Thein, former Deputy Minister resigned on 1.5.16.Also the Union government appointed U Thein Myint (Retired Dy. DG for union Attoney General Office) as a member of SECM on 6.2.2017 with notification (12/2017) according to the SE Rules Paragraph(12) instead of Daw Tin Kyi Oo.


4.Our policies are as follow:

(a)  To reduce the inflation rate by changing from the currency in circulation to investment capital when the Securities Market and Local Bonds Market are developed at the same time.

(b)  To support the expansion not only Treasury Bonds but also Corporate Bonds and Municipal Bonds issuance.

(c)  ToperformtheimprovementofSecondaryorTradingMarket.


5. Our objectives are as follow:

(a)  To spread the development of Stock Market and Local Bonds Market.

(b)  To obtain more investment opportunities for the public.

(c)  To expand the job opportunities and to collect the necessary capital easily by issuing share to the people from the public company.

Functions of SECM

6. Our functions are as follow:

(a)  to issue securities business license;

(b)  to issue permit of stock exchange;

(c)  to grant a permit of the Over-the-Counter Market for trading unlisted securities.

(d)  to submit necessary advice to the Union Government in respect of matters relating to the securities business;

(e)  to supervise the securities business and carry out the inquiries and inspections;

(f)  to supervise the following organizations and persons so as to keep the accounts relating to their business in accordance with the relevant Myanmar accounting standards:

(i)  Public company

(ii)  Securities company

(iii)  Over-the-Counter-Market

(iv)  Stock Exchange

(v)  Persons who are carrying out or had carried out as responsible persons, members, staff and agents of any public company, securities company, Over-the-Counter-Market and Stock Exchange

(vi)  License-holder or lawyer, auditor and agent of such license- holder.

(g)  to carry out research and development for securities business and communicate with the organizations of other countries that supervise the securities business, and the businesses, departments and organizations related to such organizations to make securities business compatible to international standards.

(h) to carry out other functions and duties assigned by the Union Government.

Activities of SECM

7. SECM performed the following:

(a)  SECM gave the permit to conduct the securities business to YSX joint venture company limited on 27-4-2015.

(b)  SECM announced the criteria for the bank which will conduct the fund settlement regarding with the securities trading at YSX as the announcement no (3/2015) on 11-3-2015 in the state owned newspaper and according to the announcement, KBZ bank which catches up with the criteria according to was selected as the fund settlement bank for YSX.

(c)  According to the Securities Exchange Law section 7 (a), SECM gave the underwriting business license to six securities companies as dated on 25-2-2016 for tow, on 1-3-2016 for three and on 23-11- 2016 for one.

(d)  The grand opening of YSX was celebrated on 9-12-2015.

(e)  SECM allowed to be listed to conduct securities business at YSX as the listed companies, First Myanmar Investment Co., Ltd (FMI) was on 25-3-2016, Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holding Public Ltd (MTSH) was on 20-5-2016 and Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) was on 26-8-2016 respectively.

(f)  SECM provided the training for the staff from licensed securities companies on 6-2-2016 and 14-5-2016 and issued the securities representative license totally (77) by holding the securities representative license examination (2) times.

(g)  SECM gave the Acknowledgement Certificate to 9 institutes which are training about Capital Market until October 2016.

(h)  SECM announced the prospectus format collaborated with DICA and MAC that to apply when public company has to prepare to get the full & fair information in a prospectus for the potential investors on 7-4-2016.